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FSU Art Major Danielle Carter BFA ’14 Interning at the Princeton University Art Museum

Published June 26, 2013

Danielle Carter is currently interning in the Education department with the Princeton University Art Museum (PUAM).

Essentially, this internship has two major components: working underneath the education director and working with the Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP).

puamAs an intern with the education director, Danielle has begun researching ways in which museums can connect with visitors on a more personal and emotional level. This research may eventually lead to programming. She is also in the process of creating (and generating all the content for) a tumblr website for PUAM, which will feature interviews with museum staff, quotes from artists in the collection, behind-the-scenes pictures of exhibit installations, birthdays of artists in the collection, interviews with artists in the collection, events at PUAM, and much more. The goal is to create a year-long queue of posts so the tumblr can be carried on by next summer’s education intern.

With PUPP, Danielle is co-teaching an art class with the Artistic Director of the local arts council. PUPP allows low-income, high-achieving high school students to participate in a stellar program that provides them with advanced education and one-on-one counseling throughout high school as well as the college application and financial aid application process. The program has a very high success rate — almost every single student admitted into the program graduates from it, gets accepted into a top-notch university, and graduates from said university with flying colors.

Princeton is an hour and fifteen minutes away from Manhattan by train, which provides plentiful opportunities to visit gems such as the Met, but the town itself maintains a quiet, quaint atmosphere.

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