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Creative and Uncreative Poetic Form and Technique writing course (CRW3311-07)

Published January 2, 2013

Are you an art student interested in text and poetry as both art form and object? Then fulfill your humanities requirement through this unique creative writing course offered in spring 2013!

Course: Poetic Technique (CRW3311, Section 7 only) — Creative and Uncreative Poetic Form and Technique
Description: Since the early 1900s the visual arts world has experimented with creation that is not sourced in some supernatural talent. Sometimes one need only turn a urinal upside-down and call it a fountain to make the viewer think. Can poetry do the same? Can one read Ginsberg’s Howl backwards and find a new poem? And should one?

Poetry is an art form and is beginning to experiment with such post-modern possibilities. This class looks at how sonnets and line breaks meet, merge, and resist the trends of the art world. We will look at experimental poetry and poetic mediums ranging from pages to city walls. Familiar terms such as creative, perfect, and unique will get hazy. By the end of the course you will be familiar with writing as product & project, inspired & inspiring, placed & placeless, creative & uncreative.

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