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Council of Research and Creativity Grants Awarded to CFA Faculty

Published December 4, 2014

The College of Fine Arts wishes to congratulate six outstanding individuals for receiving grants from the Council of Research and Creativity (CRC). Mark MessersmithLilian Garcia Roig, Dan Torop, Joelle Dietrick and Judith Rushin from the Department of Art, and Adam Jolles, Chair of the Department of Art History.

Joelle Dietrick, Mark Messersmith (with Lilian Garcia-Roig and Judy Rushin as co-PI’s) and Adam Jolles were awarded 2014-15 Planning Grants. This grant program is to provide start-up funding ($13,000 each)  for a new direction or continuing early support of existing research or creative activity preliminary to securing external arts and humanities support.  The awarded amount will help to cover costs of domestic travel and additional materials and supplies.

Judy Rushin and Dan Torop were awarded Small Grants.  This grant program provides a source of funding ($3000 each) to assist faculty with the completion of a project for which other funding sources are not available.  Specifically, they will help to cover costs of additional materials, consultant services and shipping and freight costs.

crc_logo2Founded in 1968, the FSU Council on Research and Creativity (CRC) is a university-wide committee of faculty drawn from a variety of academic disciplines and appointed by the Vice President for Research. The CRC’s mission is to advise the Vice President on ways to stimulate growth and innovative thinking within the University’s research community.  The CRC also administers several programs of internal grants to support development of research and recognize creative endeavors among FSU faculty.  Funding for these programs is provided by overhead monies generated by FSU-sponsored research activity administered by the Office of Research.”

— Office of Research, Florida State University —

Sample of work from the faculty

Mark Messersmith

Mark Messersmith’s work focuses on themes of spirit and struggle within modern Florida’s ”natural environment.”    For a full list of works and information about Mark Messersmith, please visit his website.

Joelle Dietrick

Joelle Dietrick develops two-dimensional and time-based artworks that consider contemporary nomadism and 21st century power structures.  For a full list of works and information about Joelle Dietrick, please visit her website.

Judith Rushin

For a full list of works and information about Judith Rushin, please visit her website.

Lilian Garcia–Roig

“My formal painting concerns have led me to use the conservative landscape as my subject and traditional plein-air painting as my process, in my attempts to reconcile the abstract nature of painting with its representational role.”  For a full list of works and information about Lilian Garcia–Roig, please visit her website.

Dan Torop

For a full list of projects and information about Dan Torop, please visit his website.

Adam Jolles

For a full list of projects and information about Adam Jolles, please visit his profile.

Department of Art History Chair and associate professor Adam Jolles recently published a new monograph which explores surrealists’ radical transformation of the ways in which spectators encountered works of art between the wars.