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Cosby Hayes (BFA 2014)

Published June 16, 2014



By Cosby Hayes (no title or description provided)

a bunch of spray cans

Detail of the work by Cosby Hayes (no title or description provided)

Artist Statement

My work employs recognizable imagery from eras spanning centuries, woven together as a personal narrative.  I reference historical imagery from movements and cultures that never encountered one another, yet through them, a common thread is found. Using architecture and symbolism through a lens that references the aggressive and sometimes audacious nature of graffiti, I explore the need to enshrine one’s existence.

The desire to be noticed or remembered through an idolized infamy leads many to vandalize and destroy in the name of one’s altar ego.  My work aims to harness this vandalistic mentality in an attempt to explore the innumerable styles and techniques used throughout time to make one’s mark on the world.

Whether motivated by religion, politics, or spirituality, the figures I paint combined with the domiciled heads, initiate a visual dialogue with regard to man’s struggle for existence beyond his physical limitations while leaving with a sense of permanence, no matter the cost. I aim to provoke the viewer to search for some resolution within my work when comparing current and past cultural phenomena.