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Congratulations to our first group of Public Art and Architectural Art students!

Published March 18, 2013

Congratulations to Anna Castellano, Anne Haines, Zachary Weinberg, Kirah Wiggins and Taylor Williams.  They are now accepted into the FSU Art’s Specialized Studies Program in Public Art and Architectural Art.

We are pleased to get this program started with them as our first class moving through the program.

Why Public Art? Hear from the successful applicants themselves.

From Anna Castellano:
The public art program will bring me one step closer to my dream of making a difference.
It will give me the skills and understanding of public artwork to become a professional in the
field. I hope to use what I learn in the public art program to teach others about global issues in an
active and creative way.

From Anne Haines:
…although I am currently undecided on the matter it has always been part of my ideal plan to attend
grad school for architecture and I know that I would like to make large scale works for
people to engage with. I entered FSU’s studio art program considering myself a painter
and although that is still my favorite medium I’ve since learned to love sculpture and
installation. To me, studying public art seems to be a great way to continue to explore
these fields in a less traditional way.

From Zachary Weinberg:
When I think about public art and installation, I think of an interactive piece of art that can reach more
hearts and minds than any other art form. Only through public art and installation will I be able
to achieve my goals. This new certificate program could not have come at a more perfect time in
my life. I believe it can help guide and provide me with the knowledge, experience, and
resources that are necessary to my success.

From Kirah Wiggins:
This program will give me the foundation I need to understand the process
and principles of creating public works of art. Through learning the history and
different times of public art to working with artists that are currently working in the
field the topic and actions need to succeed after I finish my degree. Ultimately, I
want to become a recognizable artist for my mosaic work and also for producing
meaningful works of art in different communities. With the help of this program I
know all of that can be possible.

From Taylor Williams:
In my eyes, public art is the best way to have my art seen by the masses. This is
important to me not for the purposes of becoming famous or having a name that reaches across
the globe, but because I truly want to inspire someone with my art. I want to know that through
my vision I have introduced someone new to the realm of art.