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Chalet Comellas (MFA ’12)

Published April 11, 2012

Things I Care to Keep, 2012 video installation

“I am intrigued by our human nature and the psychology of why we behave the way that we do. Experiences that embed themselves into our unconscious minds want to be revealed. They affect our waking attitudes and manifest themselves into our actions. The concept of unconscious behavioral response finds its way into all of my projects, particularly in regards to how these responses form our identity.

HOUSEworks is the title of my thesis exhibition. I have developed two performance videos presented in the form of installations titled, Things I Care to Keep and Eternal Return. Each explores visual metaphors relating to remembering and forgetting. Within my artistic process, I am examining interplay between performance, video, and sculpture. The materials I have chosen for these two installations reference domestic enclosures. They are physical structures that contain psychological actions. I insert the video into the installation and invite the viewer to witness my actions in this defined space. The act of looking inward to view the video is important to me, because I am suggesting that the actions being viewed are internal and psychological in nature. By building structures that allow the viewer to peer in to view the action of the subject, an increased intimacy is created from an already voyeuristic medium.”