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Chelsea Woodcock's Fall Internship with Bigfoot Entertainment

Published January 3, 2012

This internship is located at a film and television studio in Cebu, Philippines. It is open to those who have an interest in the film and television industry, and who are creative and talented with any of the multitude of affairs that come together to make a film or show. I, personally, was deemed the solo scenic artist when I first arrived, where I aged the sets. After two weeks or so, I was recognized for my work and was asked to do the set dressing. Then, I was invited into the Art Department design office, where I worked side by side with the production designer. Here, I designed sets, props, and created animations for the remainder of my four month stay at Bigfoot. They trusted me in my abilities, and allowed me to learn things I had never done before. I, also, was allowed to take classes with the International School of Film and Television. I chose to take directing 101 and acting. Other opportunities are available in cinematography, editing, as well as many more.

This was one of the most profound experiences in my life thus far, especially in the context of working in a creative environment and furthering my career. Bigfoot was a place where the employees become a family and harbor brilliant minds, whom allowed each other to safely experiment and share ideas and develop, not only the company, but also the minds of individuals. Life long friends were made, as well as mentors who I know I can always ask anything of, as long as I live. I absolutely recommend this opportunity to anyone who desires creative work experience, workshops, and classes with Hollywood professionals.

In order to qualify for the internship, you must have the dedication and passion to work in the entertainment industry, have good written, verbal and interpersonal skills, work well under pressure, and
be computer literate and proficient with mainstream information technology. You can apply any time.

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