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CFA Students Featured in President’s Showcase

Published September 25, 2016



The College of Fine Arts is proud to present four students who are going to be featured in the President’s Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence. The Showcase is a culmination of the IDEA Grant summer research experience. The IDEA Grants are a reflection of the University’s commitment to developing students as scholars and innovators and are a testament to the stimulating education undergraduates receive at Florida State.

The 2016 Showcase will be held Tuesday, September 27th from 5:30pm-8pm in FSU’s Turnbull Conference Center .

Gabrielle Arnold is a Fine Arts Major with a focus in Time Based Media. Her passion lies in stop motion animation and miniature composition. Her work has been featured in galleries like the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and the Morean Institute for Art. Her love for contemporary art and primitive method establishes pieces which call to a broad audience. She is intrigued by a personal and almost intrinsic narrative expressed through experimentalism and form, which she hopes to bring into her professional life as an animator and miniature fabrication artist. Gabrielle Arnold will be presenting her project, Printing our Feelings:Facial Replacement Animation.

Breanna Bruner, a Tallahassee native, is beginning her senior year at Florida State as a double major in Art History and Digital Media Production. She came across the idea for her research project while working alongside Jean Hudson and Jack Freiberg in FSU’s Art History Department as a videographer. She has since returned from studying in Florence for the summer. She hopes to continue her educational career with more documentary based research. Breanna Brunner will be presenting her project, Mud Angels Recovered: FSU’s First year in Florence.

Menika Lue is in her final year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. She is currently working on her Honors in the Major and graduating thesis project. Menika has been doing research on the medical experimentation on Blacks in America. She will continue to create selfprompted, research-based art and will pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree. Menika Lue will be presenting her project called, Don’t Break the Silence: Painting the Flesh.

Kayla McClellan is an aspiring contemporary dancer/ choreographer acquiring a BFA in Dance. She is striving to bridge the gap between “performer” and “audience member” and promoting physical and cultural growth through research in Dance Sciences and Dance/Movement Therapy. Kayla is participating in the School of Dance’s fall program FSU/NYC during her senior year. While in New York, she is interning with Dance/NYC, specifically their Disabilities Initiative. The internship segues perfectly into the rest of her career as she wishes to make dance more inclusive and continue exploring its benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Kayla McClellan will be presenting her project, Dance/Movement Therapy: Using the body as a vehicle to mindful, healthy living.

For more information on the upcoming event, check out their Facebook page.