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Ceramics & Art skills needed in Africa, Asia & Americas

Published January 15, 2013

Ceramics and Art skills needed in international humanitarian work:

1. Ceramic Water Filters
One billion people in the world are without clean drinking water.
Teach villagers how to mine, wedge and produce clay filters (clay mixed with
rice hulls or sawdust).
Help them build kiln to fire and set up for production if they wish to
generate income this way.
Where needed: Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana, Peru, Thai-Burma

2. Mentors in Ceramics needed
One of our India directors has asked for people with skills in ceramics.
“We have a ceramics studio here. We would like an injection of fresh designs
and additional methods.”

3. Ceramics: Generating Income
Where people earn less than $2/day, generating income. Help with making then
selling pots.
Where needed: Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania, Peru, Honduras,
Peru, Malta

4. Pottery for Healing
Africa culture is much more responsive to art, drumming, dancing, drama,
masks & music rather than “talk therapy.”
Teach how shaping clay or painting calms the soul and thus prevents
Where needed: Kenya, Gulu, Rwanda

5. Kid’s Art: Generating Income
We need people who have the graphic art skills to make cards & calendars out
of kids’ art.
Where needed: Gulu, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, India, Peru

7. Teaching Art: Generating Income
Teach how to draw or paint portraits, caricatures or cartoons as ways to
generate income on the street.
Where needed: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Peru, India,
Thai-Burma, Malta

These are volunteer opportunities. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
No end date,

Please read the NGOabroad website. then briefly
answer Questionnaire and embed with resume in an email to:

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