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Celebrating 25-year Anniversary of NeoPopRealism Art Style, Created by Artist Nadia Russ in 1989

Published February 17, 2014

The NeoPopRealism PRESS announced NeoPopRealist Art Contest dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of NeoPopRealist art style, created by artist Nadia Russ in 1989.

The NeoPopRealism PRESS announced NeoPopRealist Art Contest dedicated to the 25-year anniversary of NeoPopRealist art style. Deadline: December 15, 2014. Artists are welcome to submit up to 3 images of NeoPopRealist artwork (drawings or paintings) as .JPEG files at 300 dpi with brief information about artist and work’s medium to The winners will be announced December 31, 2014. Grand prize for the 1st place winner is signed original drawing by NeoPopRealism creator Nadia Russ. Second place winner will receive the signed print of the same work. See the Grand Prize image at

Twenty five years ago, in 1989, in her Moscow’s apartment, Nadia Russ, began her serious experiments with ink pen and brush. Knowing the art history and the past artists’ achievements, she had a task to create new style of visual arts and succeeded.

It is wide known that in our regular life, an average person uses only 16 percent of the brain’s gray matter. But to do something unique and often to understand something unique, one must involve more than that. Many artists simply rely on the drugs or alcohol trying to achieve this state of mind. Intellectual by nature, Nadia Russ made it her way. She followed the advice of a famous in Russia psychologist Anatoly Kashpirovski. In 1989, Kashpirovski had his program on TV. During his TV sessions, the whole country was literally and figuratively glued to the television sets. One of those sessions was dedicated to creative people. Psychologist was teaching how to destroy limits and remove restrictions that prevent our brains function in a high creative mode, and to involve more than 16 percent of the gray matter. It worked. And today, this information is included in every Nadia Russ’ art instructional book in a chapter “Get Inspired.”
Nadia Russ was continuing to draw and paint. January 4, 2003, In South Florida, she created a term for her new art style she created in 1989 – NeoPopRealism. The NeoPopRealism art style explores the deep and philosophical themes, combining the brightness and simplicity; it carries the high energy colors and has graphic nature.In 2004, Nadia Russ ( created the NeoPopRealist philosophy for happier life with its 10 canons that work. These canons perfectly fit to our contemporary life and can make you feel great about yourself and to be happy. You will find these canons in Nadia Russ’ website ( and in every book she authored.In present time, the NeoPopRealism art style and philosophy for happier life have got the acceptance worldwide. Art teachers teach NeoPopRealism in the United States’ schools and abroad. In Brazil (the 3rd largest country in the world), February 2014, the text book in Portuguese “Artes – 4° ano – Unidade 2 – Ensino Fundamental I” will be published by publisher Editora Poliedro Ltda; it will teach NeoPopRealism art style many little Brazilians. The copies will be distributed among schools’ art teachers. In 2011-2012, the NeoPopRealism published in English a series of How-To-Draw NeoPopRealism books for all levels. These books are available to libraries and educational institutions through the largest libraries supplier Ingram –
You are welcome to submit up to 3 images of your NeoPopRealist works to the Art Contest.
Nadia Russ, Mick Jagger, ink/paper, 1994
Nadia Russ, Red Caviar: Jason, the Food Stamps Gangsta, acrylic/canvas, 2013. NeoPopRealism