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Carrie Ann Baade Featured on Humans of FSU

Published October 21, 2015

Art Professor Carrie Ann Baade was featured on the Humans of FSU Facebook Page!


















“I do think that education works the best when it is ‘create your own.’ The expectation should be that you create your own education; not that you are ever given an education. No one is ever given an education. Like, you’re given a sweater, and if there’s a hole in it, you return it. No one’s education will ever fit; it will never be perfect, it will always be weird, and you will always have to go get yourself education. And that’s it, ok? I’m here a lot of the time just to tell students: No- don’t work on my behalf. Don’t work for me! If you’re here to please your teachers, I think you’re a dog. You need to be here to find out what you are curious about; what you are passionate about, and then you put your claws and your teeth into it and you suck the marrow out of it. And you should be able to be given that freedom once you find that thing that really makes all of the synapses in your mind explode. Now. Now it’s time to go; be really passionate and engaged in learning.”