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Cardboard Heads Return to Westcott

Published October 8, 2014

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Florida State University Art students in Anne Stagg’s 3D Foundations classes will be putting on a demonstration this coming Monday, October 13th at 9:45-10:15 am and 1:30-2 pm.  The performance will include students wearing cardboard heads while a pre-recorded message to the next FSU President Thrasher plays in the background.  The audio that will be playing is a composite created from sections of the individual letters each student wrote to the incoming President.

The audio portion of the performance will last approximately 15 minutes.  However, the students will be available both before and after the demonstration to speak to others.

The concept behind this project is to continue to give a voice to students’ concerns in a creative and engaging way.  We invite you to join us and hope to see you there!

This summer Stagg’s class did a performance as candidates for the position of the president of FSU.
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