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Call for Participation/Thesis Filming

Published February 22, 2016

BFA 16′ Christopher Watkins is hoping to shoot a film for his thesis next Saturday, the 27th from 12-2PM, and would like to ask if you would be able to be a part of this with him.
Your role will be as a bystander watching a green screen suited man trudge down the street, acting ghoulish. Reactions of gasps and appalling stares are what Watkins is looking for, and the occasional flash photograph as he walks away. Bring a friend or a few if you can. Wear casual, mid-tonal colors such as grey and greens. Nothing bright and nothing black please.
If you are able to participate, please email Chris back or give him a call/text. He will need certain people to be at certain locations, so the sooner you can email the better. Tell Chris if you are able to bring a camera/camcorder, and if you wouldn’t mind taking an image or video when the green screen man comes by. Props besides cameras/camcorders will be provided.
Locations + times : All Saints Cafe from 12-1, and DoubleTree from 1-2