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Call for Participation – Code: Emotion Studies in a contemporary art debate at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul

Published April 26, 2011


Without doubt emotions are evolving as they are influenced by culture,
context and behaviour. David Matsumoto (2007) elucidates these three
influences on human emotion. Western and Eastern societies have witnessed
change with the use of new technologies. Will our ability to read emotional
expressions slowly change with the new communication systems? Might people
soon no longer be able to read facial expressions? With the loss of the
ability to read an emotion might come too the loss of the experience itself?

Steven Pinker (2002, p.40) stresses that emotions and behaviour always
represent an ³internal struggle². It is not merely culture and society that
directs human behaviour, but the mind has an innate system that generates
endless possibilities to choose from.

Emotions and feelings have been studied by some important researchers in the
field, including Darwin, Damasio, LeDoux, and Ekman. The discussion can now
be expanded to include emotion research and emotional responses in
Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, gaming industries, virtual
environment studies and augmented reality systems.

This research forum brings together leading artists and researchers in the
field of emotion studies. Researchers/ scientists/artists and curators will
debate digital artworks that primarily address emotions and autism.

I have chosen the format of the forum over the panel to allow more debate
between the speakers and the audience. A 2-3 hour time slot would be
perfect. Questions raised by the panel will centre around how technologies
influence emotional wellbeing.

The Panel moderator seeks participants for a discussion at ISEA 2011 in
Istanbul. Panelists will be asked to present a brief 15-minute position
summary that will then be followed by discussion with fellow panelists,
moderators, and the audience.  The focus of this panel will be more on
discussion and idea sharing and less on paper reading.

Specific topic areas presenters could address:
Technology and wellbeing
Emotional behaviour
Emotional gestures
Emotion design
Games and emotions
Facial expressions and emotions
Email and emotions
Art, feelings and emotions
Social autism

To Participate:

Please send a e-mail expressing interest and relevant experience to the
panel moderator:
Barbara Rauch <

ISEA 2011 takes place in Istanbul from September 14-21, 2011.