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Call for Entries – Chicago Design Firm seeks FSU art to show at the FSU Student Clubhouse

Published November 8, 2011


The Childs Dreyfus Group is a 50-year-old design firm based out of Chicago. Currently, we are working on designing the new FSU Student Clubhouse. We are asking the students of FSU to submit any art they have created to be displayed in the FSU clubhouse. We need about 4 sculptures and 4-6 paintings/hanging art. We are looking for edgy, funky, eclectic art (see rendering to get a feel for the clubhouse.) We want colorful, graffiti, pop art, anything that stands out. This is a great way to get your art work out there to be seen by your friends, family, and classmates!


We are estimating that we’ll need 4 sculptures and 4-6 paintings/hanging art. All submissions are due December 1st 2011. Please include a photo of the art, along with a brief description of what medium was used and the dimensions of the piece. All submissions can be sent to Elizabeth Cichowski


The Childs Dreyfus Group (
Elizabeth Cichowski