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CALL FOR ARTWORK: ”Outside the Box 2,” An Exhibition of Outdoor Art Installations

Published July 26, 2013



$500 in prizes
Application Deadline: November 15, 2013
Exhibition Dates: Friday & Saturday, April 4 – 5, 2014 8 -11 pm

OUTSIDE THE BOX2, curated by Lisa Rockford, is the second biennial exhibition of outdoor, site-specific art in Palm Beach County, FL. This unique and alternative format, situated at the uniquely prestigious Whitespace – The Mordes Collection, features innovative contemporary artists that will interact with the unique landscape & outdoor environment. Whitespace is located at 2805 N. Australian Avenue in West Palm Beach. The inaugural event in 2012 featured 22 installations, attracted hundreds of art enthusiasts, and was covered extensively in local media.


Best in Show will receive $350, Second Place will receive $150.
Prize Jury Panel: Lisa Rockford – Curator Outside the Box 2, Marisa J. Passcucci – Curator of 20th Centruy & Contemporary Art- Boca Museum of Art, Bryan D. Walsh – Gallery Director DTR Modern Galleries, John J. McGurk – Independent Curator NYC.


Open call for proposals from artists in South Florida working in installation art, mixed media, sculpture, video art, new media, sound, and performance. The curator will give preference to installations that are imaginative, have high aesthetic appeal, include interactive and/or multi-sensory elements, incorporate or adapt well to the site.

Outside the Box LogoThe Site

Whitespace, The Mordes Collection is located on a lake waterfront with a sand beach, and features a landscape with a long stretch of grass, elements of bushes and trees and a building with concrete walls and a wrap around tarmac.

How to Apply

For Full prospectus, Submission instructions, and Artist Application, Please visit:


Submission Instructions

Email all application materials to the curator at
OR Mail all application materials by Post: Lisa Rockford, 1310 SW 2nd Ct. #301, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Include the following:

  1. Signed, Completed Artist Application Form, or a scan of it. (below)
  2. Curriculum Vitae or Artist Resume and Bio
  3. 5 images of previous artwork and/or website link where more artwork can be viewed. Video art can be sent on DVD or by website links.
  4. Typed written proposal, including a detailed description of the concept.
    Note: Artists may submit more than one proposal for consideration.
  5. Include the following for each proposal:
    • Explain the specific type of space needed or preferred: In water, on sand, on Grass, in bushes, hanging from tree, on asphalt driveway, projected on blank wall, etc.
    • Explain the approximate size of the area needed (height, width, depth, etc).
    • Sketch: Please provide a detailed drawing/sketch, or digital mockup of the work, in addition to a website link to images of past artworks you have made. For pre-existing works, specify which images represent the work to be shown, and a description or sketch of how you propose to be show the work in this exhibit.
    • Give detailed installation plans including the specific materials you intend to use, and description of installation methods to be used. Note if the artwork will have any lighting as part of the design.
    • Explain if your work is weatherproof, or your plan if it storms or rains.
    • Discuss how the viewer will interact with the work.
  6. Applications will not be considered without payment of the jury fee. $25.00 required payment for the first proposal through PayPal or by mailed Check. Add $5.00 more for each additional installation proposal. ($30 for two artworks, $35 for three artworks/proposals).
    • Send PayPal payment to
    • You will need to have an existing PayPal account or sign up for a new one at
    • Submission form available at


Application Deadline: November 15, 2013