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Caitlin Carr (BFA ’13)

Published May 3, 2013

Caitlin Carr exhibiton

My intention is to instill awareness of technology’s effect on humans in both individual and universal ways. My work reflects (mimics) contemporary technology by creating unintended uses for devices and software. The visual results represent the continuous progression of the digital world and its endless capabilities. By focusing on the coldness and calculated visual aesthetic of media, my work becomes desaturated, linear, subtly off-putting, and heavily design oriented.

”Click” is one element of a “moving still-life” video series that explores the visual metaphors of contemporary communication. The virtual ”click” is interpreted as a physical action and set in the natural world, then re-virtualized in documentation (video). Digital images taken from the video are then installed in waveforms to create a physical manifestation of virtual reality.

Caitlin Carr exhibiton