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B’Rael Ali Performing in Entertainment for Change

Published April 5, 2017

FSU Art MFA ‘’19 B’Rael Ali will be performing and competing on Sunday, 4/9, in the inaugural Entertainment of Change event with a song, dance and a 2 minute painting in one performance. EFC @ FSU is a nonprofit that seeks to bridge the gap between creative/visual arts and social/environmental concerns. At Leon High School, they will be showcasing some major acts and projects allowing FSU students to express their passions freely. EFC intends to be a platform for positive, constructive, and inciteful conversations in the local community.

Florida State Belly Dancers
Jessie Greenberg
Baylei Hoffman
Skyler Evans
Anais Bergues
B’Rael Ali
Beer Vape- No Bears Allowed
Azucar Dance Company
Seminole Dance Force
Alarm of the People
Coda A Cappella
Kaitlin Rizzo

Suggested donation of $5 at the door.
No tickets necessary.