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BFA Zak Weinberg Receives Award at 2016 DIGITECH

Published April 14, 2016

  With the advances of Laser Cutting, CNC, and 3D Printing technology, modern machining has seen a boom in function for industrial usage, and a large interest in commercial availability over the past few years. Most of these machines are used for their basic principles: cutting/engraving, machining parts, or printing components that then have to utilize further steps for their final purpose. As a lot of this equipment is not currently accessible to the average maker, their roles exist more in the manufacturing realm. The purpose of BFA ’16 Zak Weinberg’s exhibit proposal is to showcase a more creative approach to utilizing these machines, particularly the laser cutter, and present different techniques to create three-dimensional works of art.

Over the past few years Zak has developed a process to create intricate, layered, relief sculptures, exclusively using a laser cutter. His work draws inspiration from various patterns and geometries, appropriating historic forms into modern design and fabrication techniques. The pieces start as vector files in Adobe Illustrator, where the ability to create precise shapes, offset layers, and cut outs are endless. Each layer is then separated into individual files and then sent to the laser cutter. The designs are cut out on separate wooden panels, usually stained in gradients to highlight the depth, or hand painted. Once finished, the panels are then assembled by hand to create the finished product.

This exhibit will be a collection from Zak’s main body of work, highlighting this specific process of layering design. Along with these pieces, other examples of creative application for laser cutting technology will be on display. Including but not limited to: uses for engraving, modularity, flexibility, joinery, and various ways to create 3D forms from 2D panels. Lastly, he will be giving demos on the design process, as well as offering insight on the programs and laser cutter, from general information to individual inquiry.

   This exhibit provides unique examples and ideas to inspire creative approaches to utilizing laser cutter machines. Highlighting a specific process that has been self-taught and developed over the past few years, I will be showcasing a collection of visual art forms that have been manifested as a result of this experimentation. Along with the main body of work, samples from other explorations will be on display, challenging the possibilities for innovation with design and application for laser cut objects. Live demos and discussion of design programs, process, and machine operation will provide further motivation to delve into the possibilities for advancements in the future of this technology.

   Thanks for your contribution to FSU DIGITECH! This year there were roughly 150 people supporting DIGITECH as sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers, shark tank entrepreneurs, judges, presenters and organizers. There were around 400 people who visited DIGITECH to view their innovative exhibits and listen to keynote presenter Seth Goldenberg from EIPC DECADE. Thank you for making DIGITECH 2016 a huge success and supporting students innovating with technology! Be sure to check out the event photos using the link below.

DIGITECH Award Winners:

  • Excellence in Innovation: UNMANNED TILT-ROTOR AIRCRAFT
  • Excellence in Expression: VISIONARY MACHINING!
  • Excellence in Contribution: Resources for Vetarans
  • Excellence in Entrepreneurship: COMMU!
  • Campus Choice Award Winner: JASM!
  • SharkTank $1000 Award Winner: Unhoused Humanity, Ramon Aleman and Daren McCurdy
  • Shark Tank $1000 Award Winner: Cooler Nation, Megan McGee

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Thanks to the DIGITECH Crew: Sheryl Grossman, Mark Jowett, Ken Armstrong, Christy Chatman, Elizabeth Lara-Gamboa, Brooke Winston, Brandon Phipps, also to Tech Expo organizer, Amanda Kuff, Shark Tank organizers Wendy Plant and Matt Johnson, our musicians Logan Castro and Matthew Pollack, their instructor Dr. Mark Wingate, and the FITC staff.