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FSU Art BFA ’17 Taylor Stevens Interns with Gallery 621

Published December 5, 2016

“I began interning at Gallery 621 in the summer of 2016. When I started working, Haley Lauw and Elise Thompson had taken over in place of Cynthia Hollis. This was exciting because they had an entirely new team and a lot of exciting changes were being made! Through the first few days of training the interns were given a tour of the main gallery and the annex (next door). We 15310835_1363401437026525_409354044_owere shown all the daily tasks which included simple chores such as taking out trash, restocking bathrooms, watering the plants and sweeping. Aside from daily tasks we had to prepare for all the upcoming changes. What originally was the gallery store is going to be the new resident artist’s studio and the office is going to be the new gallery store.
To prepare for all the moving we first had to clean out the store, by calling every artist’s work that was for sale and asked if they would like to pick it up. We spent a lot of time cleaning out the back storage area and the office, and then repainted the bathroom and studio walls. With all the changes being made at the gallery I realized how much work and love needs to be put into a gallery space. I got to contact different artists about their work and record all information in Excel spread sheets.
Aside from a normal day at the gallery, events play a huge roll in the gallery’s funding. Gallery 621 gets most of their money from art auctions, donations, event fees and drink sales. When planning events flyers or Facebook event groups need to be created and advertised. The more people who know about our events mean we receive more money to fund the gallery. The most challenging thing I faced when interning at Gallery 621 was getting in contact with artists. Many times they do not respond to emails or phone calls, so we just have to keep trying. My favorite experience interning was working during the First Friday events at Railroad Square. I met so many artists who were exhibiting, along with other interns, and regular visitors. Making connections in the art world (or any job) is so important and I am so grateful I was able to meet so many amazing people. I highly recommend this internship to other students. Haley and Elise are amazing and have very flexible schedules. I was really concerned to balance school, my internship and my job all in one semester, but they were super understanding and always helped out.”