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BFA ’16 Ariana Schrier’s Social Media Manager Internship at Sircle Media

Published July 25, 2016

Sircle Large LOGO_fullTaking on this summer, I was extremely interested in working for a marketing firm. As I applied for a number of different internships, I was ecstatic to receive an internship with Sircle Media as a social media manager. Sircle Media is a marketing firm, located in New York City. They offered me a remote internship, where I would work from home in South Florida. This was a challenge that I faced because I had very mixed feelings about working from home. I proceeded to ask if I would be able to come into the New York office for a month. The Sircle Media family was more than welcoming and allowed me to work in the office for the month of July.

Over the past few months, I have really enjoyed learning about social media marketing and applying my past and present knowledge into Sircle Media’s clients’ social media platforms. I work under an incredibly kind and helpful social media manager named Sara, who provides me with my daily tasks from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm, three times a week. I am thrilled to be constantly working on something and it is so gratifying to know that they trust me enough to use what I come up with. Some of Sara’s given tasks include- writing tweets for a cookie brand named Ginny Bakes, engaging with people on Instagram for Modern Oats, creating a Google sheet of influencers for Lurong Living, and a number of other assignments. I really enjoy my internship because everyday I am working with different clients and on different social media platforms.

I have definitely learned so much during my internship with Sircle Media. Before this internship, I did not realize how important social media was for branding purposes and how many strategies and skills are needed for these companies to gain recognition. In this generation, social media is certainly the most advantageous way to get a brand’s name out there. My time at Sircle Media has taught me that it is so important for companies to be on every social media platform and to be constantly engaging with other users.

As I continue interning at Sircle Media, I hope to improve on my engagement skills. I also want to continue learning about the importance of various marketing strategies. Now that I am in the office, I want everyone to know that I am extremely hardworking and that I truly care about my time at Sircle Media. Everyday, I try my best to ask questions and engage in conversation amongst the other employees. I also make sure to ask for more work if I am finished early, and I will not turn in my tasks until I read them over and make sure that they are precise.
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My summer internship at Sircle Media has truly been a great experience. I really enjoy the tasks that I am given and I am in love with New York City. This internship has taught me a number of different marketing tools that I am excited to apply in my future endeavors. Although I am not entirely sure on what I want my future occupation to be, this internship has given me a better understanding of what I am good at and what I enjoy doing.