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Beauty and The Biotch Closing Reception

Published February 22, 2017

This exhibit represents a selection of the undergraduate and graduate students of Art at FSU. Each is seeking to portray or challenge the concept of female identity. The artists’ explanations range from the therapeutic or the confessional, to the heroic or goddess imagery, and then also embraces the dark grotesque. They speak of mark making on their canvases, marks made by fists, race, history, time. These are often works of rebellion and reconciliation.

The closing reception for this exhibition is February 24th from 6-9pm. Entry is free to all who attend.

The artists are:

Amanda Kleinhans, Colleen Itani, Elton Burgest, Jessica Nguyen, Capri Andrews, Jessica Nguyen, Mia Marisco, Kate Lowe, Kelly Cunningham, Kiley Brandt, Kylie McGinnis, Laura Powers, Madeline Wishart, Jessica Smoleroff, Collen Itani, Megumi Naganoma, Michelle Eccles, Samantha Marie, Sara Caruso, Sharon Norwood, and Tenee Hart.