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FSU Art BA 16′ Holly Weinrauch Internship at Foremost Creative

Published February 29, 2016
I had never planned to go to client meetings, mentor at hackathons, or go on photography shoots in the forest. With Foremost, I never know what to expect or what sort of new and exciting projects I get to assist in creating. Some days I work on internal company projects, and other days I do client work, whether that is developing a website from scratch, designing, or taking photos. I like that I get to exercise my other interests and gain more skills in photography and website development in addition to design.
Because each week seems to be a surprise as to what I’m working on, I have to be able to change gears quickly. Sometimes this means I need to slow down and work on internal projects that have no deadline, other times I need to go fast and meet strict client deadlines, this is probably the biggest challenge.
Some of the projects we’re working on are Writrsbot, Trail Hacks, and UberOps. Writrsbot is an internal project; this site is currently in progress but will be a downloadable Slackbot to recommend curated stories that I am designing and developing for the website. Trail Hacks is a larger project that is still in progress but will be a hackathon event. For this project since we need to shoot photos of the trails, bikers, and runners; I have been helping with photography. UberOps is the only completed website, it is a client website for a prominent IT consulting firm in town. Some of my goals for this internship are: to learn to develop with a CMS (content managed system) and to better learn SCSS (a CSS extension language). I am still working on both of these things, and although they will never come to a close, I feel more comfortable with them now than I did before.
The experience from Foremost has been rewarding and has made me want to continue working on projects. As a team, they have worked with me and given me the confidence to develop my own portfolio site in the future. As a team, we attended HackFSU to mentor and judge the competition. This made me feel more comfortable talking with people I do not know as well as helping them with technical problems they encountered while they make a project in 30 hours. I plan to continue working with Foremost and helping make an impact on the community through design and development.