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FSU Art BA ’16 Gloriana Montero’s Internship with Rolko

Published October 19, 2016
Dancing with Machines/Gloriana Montero

Dancing with Machines/Gloriana Montero

From Gloriana Montero:

I am currently doing an internship with an independent music producer that goes by the name of Rolko. I am in charge of the graphic design part of the project, the social media marketing, and some photography. This internship has been very helpful in more ways than one since I have been introduced to the music market in Miami. I have had the opportunity of working with various musicians and have gotten some insight on the whole process of making an album. During this fall semester, I have learned how crucial social media can be in an artist’s career, and I have come up with ways to maximize the exposure of the artist I am representing. Although it can be time consuming, social media has been the most effective way of getting in contact with the public and getting them to learn about the artist. I have also been in contact with many music blogs online, and it has opened us connections to certain bloggers that are willing to help the artist with future releases.

As for the graphic design part, I have been collaborating with Rolko to produce the ideas that he has in mind for his logo’s artwork, and it has been interesting and at times challenging to be able to replicate the idea he has in mind while filtering it through my own. This project has allowed me to be creative in many ways, including the photo-shoot I did for the artist which had to be at a professional level. I have been able to use all the skills I have accumulated throughout my life in the past few months and it has made me feel proud of how far I have gotten and how much I have actually learned in school and on my own. I think the most enjoyable part of this experience has been the moments when people have given us feedback of how the work has affected their lives and how much they enjoy the entire collaboration. Since I am a music fan myself, I feel completely at joy to be part of a project that is able to touch the emotions of strangers for at least a couple minutes.

I would definitely recommend other students to work with real artists that are out there giving up their lives to make a career out of what they love to do. Connections can be made everywhere if you decide to be part of a project like the one I am in, and I am sure those artists will always welcome a helping hand. This opportunity has given me the chance to learn that I am more capable of what I ever thought I could accomplish and it has given me the confidence I needed to start my own career.

Rolko's headshot/Gloriana Montero

Rolko’s headshot/Gloriana Montero