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FSU Art BA ’16 Erica Rangel Interns with Museum of Fine Arts

Published February 7, 2017

“The Florida State University Department of Art has provided me with great opportunities. My experience throughout my classes and internship were eye and mind opening. I acquired so many new skills and knowledge through my experience with Florida State University. I came to FSU as a transfer student, following a dream of pursuing a degree in Studio Art. I was never confident enough in myself and my works, until I came to FSU. Now, as I approach graduation, I look back on all my experiences with a fulfilled and confident self-image. This fall I interned with Wayne Vonada, at Florida State University’s Museum of Fine Arts. The MOFA gave me an interesting opportunity to experience what goes on in a museum and in galleries, behind the scenes or art in this case. The experience also gave me an inside look at how a show really comes together, as well as comes apart. Using a mix of interpretative and critical thinking and experiencing new changes and rules as directors, and exhibitions change.

Wayne always said ‘Our best work is invisible.’ Because as important as our jobs were, we worked in a behind the scenes manner. Although we knew our work was invisible, our work was also extremely important. I got to meet staff and faculty and many artists I never thought I would come across. I started my internship a week early, coming back from a long summer break I was eager to get started on my final semester. My first day we immediately dove in and started to design a layout for The 31st Tallahassee International exhibition. I was immediately in love with the opportunities of my internship. The work was fun and enjoyable, never pointless ‘busy work.’ I was always learning something new and taking hands-on approaches.

From small jobs like painting and spackling walls and podiums, to handling precious artworks, to building walls and podiums and shelves themselves I learned not only how to think and analyze but how to build and design. The only challenge or complaint of the internship would be that the museum was typically frigid temperatures and remembering a sweater in Florida is not a habit I had formed. Wayne Vonada did not treat his interns as simply workers, he helped and taught us everything he could. Sharing his knowledge and experience as a friend and teacher. I would recommend this internship over and over to any art student, or any student interested in museum studies.”