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August First Friday at Working Method

Published August 23, 2011

Fans in action.


Working Method's new gallery space during August First Friday.

We’re Fans was a double feature this past First Friday at Railroad Square. In addition to showing another interactive work produced by the LGA Summer Club the opening unveiled a new gallery space, renovated by the group over the course of the summer. The once underutilized space located in the back of the main gallery was knocked down, cleared and refinished nearly doubling the space for graduate students to show their work.

The interactive work connected both rooms in a peculiar way. In the front space, visitors were able to choreograph with their hands two rather large bamboo fans, bound and suspended from the ceiling.  A live feed of the front gallery was projected onto the wall of the back gallery that joined the two spaces.
Throughout the night most thought it was motion sensors… a computer application…motorized at least. Those who were curious enough walked passed the fans to see ‘behind the green curtain’. Pulleys and rope extended to the back room where members of the summer club controlled the fans, pulling and shaking with the movements of visitor’s hand motions.  It was great to see everyones reaction to the piece, finding out about the new gallery space and sweating it out with us on a summer’s First Friday.  Thank you!

-Christina Poindexter