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Home » News » Athens Institute For Contemporary Art Presents “Southern” Featuring Judy Rushin

Athens Institute For Contemporary Art Presents “Southern” Featuring Judy Rushin

Published February 3, 2012

Athens Institute For Contemporary Art



Saturday, January 21st, 2012 – Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Curator: Judith McWillie | Assistant Curator: Lauren Williamson

“Judy Rushin ritualizes the work ethic in her repetitive mantra-like sanding and polishing of panels that she attaches to grids of unfinished 1 x 2’s. The results resemble mass-produced modular construction laid bare by natural disasters or demolition. Rushin breaks down the panels and reconfigures them into provisional environments, small marginal spaces like lean-tos and other temporary constructions that reference transient relationships between people and spatial environments.14  Her decision to fabricate the panels herself, while economically efficient, also serves a ritualistic purpose that privileges do-it-yourself craft and human-scale technology. Humble materials belie the time-consuming casting of plastic skins to make illusionary pegboard and other hard lacquered extensions that can be resized to fit available space with sleek simplicity. What began as theory—an investigation into Gaston 
Bachelard’s ideas about shelter in The Poetics of Space—synapses with an empathic sense of problem solving that honors shelter wherever we find it.” – Judith McWillie, 2012