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Art BA ’17 Renata Fulginiti Interning with College of Fine Arts

Published October 21, 2015


This year I spent six months in Spain studying abroad with FSU International Programs. This amazing trip was the reason I opened up a WordPress account to start my first blog. Although I am studying Studio Art, I have always loved to journal, and while I was abroad I found that writing helped me process my emotions and experiences much like creating art does. When I got home from my trip I wanted to keep exploring my interest in writing, so as soon as I heard about the blogging internship with the College of Fine Arts I decided to apply for the position.

The College of Fine Arts (CFA) website is built using WordPress, so the layout and tools were already somewhat familiar to me. Each department of CFA (Dance, Theatre, Interior Design, Art, Art History, Art Education, etc) has their own blog that is under the umbrella of the CFA blog, which is where I work. We pull from the other blogs to showcase students, alumni, and to advertise upcoming events. In a typical day I log onto my computer and communicate with my supervisor about what needs to be done. I look over all the department sites to look for news stories that need to be posted to the CFA blog. Other tasks include formatting posts, updating the CFA social media accounts, organizing, and creating pages that will eventually be added. At times, it has been frustrating to use different features of WordPress. I’m learning a lot as I go along, but whenever I run into issues, I can ask my supervisors for help. They are really great about walking me through the steps that need to be taken in order to finish an assignment. Even though I work remotely on my laptop, I have constant access and support from my supervisors and other interns.

I am grateful for this experience because it is teaching me a lot about what goes into maintaining a website. I hope that throughout this semester I will learn more techniques for actually building sites using WordPress. I think this skill will be really useful in building my online art portfolio. My favorite part about this internship, and one of the reasons I chose it, is because I love knowing what is going on at FSU, especially within the Art department. Since I regularly go through each department’s page of events and news, I am much more in touch with what the College of Fine Arts. The students, faculty, and alumni of CFA are involved in a variety of interesting things, so being able to promote them has been exciting and informative for me as well.

In the future I hope to teach art, preferably internationally. Interning with the CFA doesn’t directly correlate with this aspiration; however, I am always interested in acquiring and developing new skills. I view this internship as very fortunate learning experience and know that in the future I will be able to utilize what I learned.