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Art BA ’16 Justyn Thomas Interning at MACORK SOLUTIONS

Published October 21, 2015

Being an intern at MACORK SOLUTIONS has been a blessing to me.  In my time of being here, I believe that I have received the proper exposure and mentoring to prefect my craft as a designer, developer, photographer, and businessman. My responsibilities include, but are not limited to, design, web development, photography, studio assistance, consulting, and most importantly taking notes from the veterans.

As an inspiring entrepreneur in the digital media fields my main goal here was to learn from the team members so that I can become a better designer, web developer, photographer, and businessman. In my first week I learned more here then I ever could have in the classroom. I have always been a believer that experience is the best teacher, and interning confirmed that. Like any learning experience it has its ups and downs. I was lucky enough to have more fun times.

I’ll start with the good:

  • I really enjoy the idea of not being in office on the day to day basis
  • I enjoyed the countless meetings with influential people in the community
  • dealing with different clients as they came to the office
  • working at the events
  • more free food than I can bear!

The simple things that makes the culture here fun is what I will remember most, because I hear people complain about regular jobs all the time.

Like any new experience growing pains kicks in at some point and mistakes may not be as forgiving as they would in the classroom. For example, I was given the task to design a simple print flyer. It was a rush, and needed to be sent to the printers right away. I got them done quickly as I was instructed and sent them to the prints on time. Standard procedure and services agreements requires the client themselves to proof read and point out any grammar errors, although we do it as a common curtsy the need was so urgent that it was not done that particular time. The clients loved the design so much they did not either, and misspelling the day Thursday on a file that was printed five thousand times was very expensive mistake being that I had to be printed twice. That was the longest fussing out I ever had and is the core reason I always run the spell check in Photoshop or any application that I use now.

In all in all, interning is a great experience, it helped me develop the skillset and experience that I need to make it in the real business world, and most importantly meet my goals of being a better designer, developer, photographer, and businessman. I would highly recommend this for other students because getting the work experience matters here, the experience was and is truly a blessing.