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AR* to View Exhibition

Published October 15, 2012

The College Art Association Services to Artists committee in collaboration with v1b3 ( are producing a printed catalogue of Augmented Reality (AR) art works entitled AR* TO VIEW. Each artist�s page in the catalogue will connect viewers to the AR art works visible on a smart phone using an image recognition software that will be triggered by the pages in the book.

THE CONCEPT: CAA regularly holds the NYC CAA conference the Hilton Hotel, NYC. (1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, 10019) Thinking about a hotel as a system of generic meeting spaces and temporarily social and personal places, we encourage artists to think about the place, the site, the city, the hallways, rooms, bars etc. and produce a specific AR artwork that responds to that space. The catalogue will consist of a graphic trigger chosen by the artist (printed in the catalogue) that can be viewed from an AR app enabled cell phone. The triggers will be images taken of objects and features of the hotel itself, so that participants can also move around the hotel and trigger AR artworks without the catalogue or use the catalogue as a map of the artworks.

1. Email the following:
The web address linked to the artwork, (or a sample of the artwork you are considering) your name, title, and short general description of the artwork that will be accessed
(If you upload to YouTube or Vimeo a documention of the experience � include the web address generated by them.)
2. Include your personal website address to be included in the catalogue.

The AR* TO VIEW catalogue will be dynamic (active) for three years.  

We would like you to participate.. 

AND to recommend other artists you think would like to participate. 

The printed catalog will be distributed during the CAA conference in New York City, February 13-­‐16, 2013. The AR art
pieces will be live by the opening of the conference and will remain active for three years.

The deadline to receive your materials for the catalogue is November22.The AR artwork will be “live” Feb 13, 2013.  

Project Process:
Once we receive sample artwork and catalogue information we will:
1.    Select/approve a graphic that directs viewers to your content
2.    send a copy of the AR graphic for your records and for you to invite your Facebook friends to participant and try out AR.