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Apply to be a Student Volunteer at SIGGRAPH2013!

Published January 2, 2013

Students with an interest in computer graphics or interactive techniques should apply to work as a student volunteer for the SIGGRAPH2013 conference in Anaheim, CA

Howdy Students!

Do you spend many late nights creating CG work of your own,
With hopes that one day you’ll pay off that massive student loan?

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name in credits and bright lights,
But just don’t know where to start to get to such great heights?

With a volunteer spirit SIGGRAPH 2013’s in your reach – there’s no need to fear,
A world of opportunities awaits you as a SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer!

Are you left-brained or right-brained? Do you analyze, strategize, and mathematize? Or do you create, imagine, and feel? If you have a volunteer spirit and a passion for graphics, you might just transcend both! Join our team of Student Volunteers at SIGGRAPH 2013 and share in a celebration (or “cerebral-ation”, as I like to call it) of ideas from left and right-brainers alike!

The SIGGRAPH 2013 Student Volunteer Program puts you right in the middle of all of the action, and deep into a network of fellow students who, just like you, are inspired to be the industry leaders of tomorrow. As a Student Volunteer, you will help support the conference and have the opportunity to meet and learn from professionals, creators, educators, visionaries, and each other. Students who demonstrate leadership, service, and a passion for computer graphics are encouraged to apply!

Don’t miss YOUR chance to experience a synergism of ideas spanning computer graphics and interactive techniques. What better way to begin your contributions to the computer graphics industry? Volunteering for this experience is a no-brainer!

Hope to see you in Anaheim in 2013!

Applications must be submitted before February 5, 2013 5pm EST

For more information:
Gracie Arenas-Strittmatter