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Anne Stagg Exhibiting Work from “Edits & Omissions”

Published June 5, 2017

FSU Art’s Associate in Art Anne Stagg is exhibiting work from her Edits & Omissions series in two concurrent exhibitions.

This work reflects Stagg’s investigation into ideas of displacement and survival. Stagg is interested in what remains after a catastrophic event. As a method for exploration, she takes completed paintings and whites them out using a small brush. Through this process she discovered that even though the erstwhile image is forever changed and will never be recovered, there are vestigial bits of information left behind. Surface scars and blips of color peek out beneath a shrouded layer of white. Like visual shrapnel distributed across the surface, this residue marks a history which can be carefully studied. “As I respond to these marks, I aim to make sense of what is left behind. Through careful observation of the surviving marks I try to develop the painting in such a way to orchestrate a feeling of movement and draw connections between elements.” This work was inspired by the daily migration of immigrants who leave everything behind and flee their homeland for the chance of survival. ”

Anne Stagg’s work is currently on view at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado and at the Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott College.