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An Update by Carrie Ann Baade!

Published August 31, 2015

From Carrie’s newsletter:

It’s been a busy sabbatical!  I have lots of new paintings and many exhibits to share. Below are the highlights.
Thank you to all the artists, writers, curators, gallerists, and staff who make culture a reality; this is the good fight.
All the very best to you,

Current Exhibitions

Back and Forth: Thinking in Paint

John and Mabel Ringing Museum of Art in Sarasota, FL (Aug – Oct)

This exhibition offers diverse solutions within contemporary painting’s dialogue with the past. Exhibiting artists are: Mark Messersmith, Lilian Garcia-Roig, Carrie Ann Baade, Judy Rushin and Ray Burggraf (Professor Emeritus).
Carrie Ann Baade’s: WALK AND TALK is on Sept 3rd

Fantastic Venues

An international Exhibition of Female Painters, City Hall, Viechtach, Germany (July – Nov)

The exhibition of “Fantastic Venus“, curated by Reinhard Schmid, presents the works of not less than 70 women artists from all over the world working in the genre of Fantastic Art.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Cute and Creepy

Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Tyler, TC (Oct – Dec)

This is the second version of the curation I begun in 2011 at the MoFA by the same name. This exhibit will feature the works of Carrie Ann Baade, Michael Brown, Mark Hosford, Laurie Hogin, Steven Kenny, Chris Mars, Thomas Woodruff, Chet Zar…and more.

Solo Exhibition: Burza w Szklance Wody, Lublin, Poland (Dec) This will be the first of solo traveling exhibition of my work in Europe. A full color catalog will be available.

Recent Exhibitions

Garden of Fernal Delights

Bash Contemporary, San Fransisco, CA (June)

This exhibition coincided with the book release for The Encyclopædia of Fernal Affairs.


Lemieux Gallery, New Orleans, (June)

This is my second time showing in curated group shows by owner/curator Christy Wood.

Tribute HR Giger

Dealus Studi, Teramo, Italy (May) and Ripattoni Art Festival in Italy (July)

This exhibit celebrated the first anniversary of the death of this master.