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Alina Diaz (BFA 2014)

Published June 12, 2014
yellowish sculpture of an angry creature

By Alina Diaz (no title or description provided)

Artist Statement

I sculpt to shape a voice.

The previous statement might imply that I have some grand message to share with the world but it is far simpler than that. Instead, the voice I shape is really one for me to hear. My pieces are very much a dialogue with myself. At 22, I stand on the precipice of the rest of my life. There’s something exciting about what seems to be an infinite abyss of possibilities but at the same time, it is terrifying. In trying to decide where I want to go and what I want to be, I feel as though I have to start by understanding where I’ve been– what I’ve been.

My sculptures are containers for various emotions, experiences, and periods of my life. They provide a way for me to externalize and isolate parts of who I am, which function as a kind of magnification process. I am able to hone in on specific qualities that I am comprised of and I can literally interact with them in the third person.

Birthing one of my characters is an evolution. First they begin to take shape as a series of sketches. The idea, feeling, and emotion then moves up and off of the page as a clay sculpture whose existence in three-dimensional space solidifies in the heat of the kiln. The process is as much a part of the dialogue as the final pieces are. One might laugh if they saw the range of facial expressions and bodily movements I put myself through to reconnect and articulate bits of my former selves.

William is the physical embodiment of a period of great challenge and difficulty in my life when I was diagnosed with cancer. He was born out of a season filled with sickness and disorder, but is rendered with love and signifies reconciliation.Through the act of creating William, I was able to relive the past and imagine a brighter future…


sculpture of angry creature with arms crossed

By Alina Diaz (no title or description provided)