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The Department of Art strives to build an inclusive community; one in which everyone feels welcome. We are in the process of reviewing our curriculum to ensure that it does not only serve one group but serves all of our under-represented groups. We are broadening our scope and genuinely believe that the richness in the learning and teaching experiences are dependent upon inclusivity.

This year faculty in the department were successful in two applications for the President’s Diversity & Inclusion Mini-Grant Program: Inclusion Perspectives and Department of Art Visiting Lecture Series 2019-2020.

Inclusion Perspectives
Inclusion Perspectives will see an exhibition at 621 Gallery in Railroad Square on Diversity and Inclusion with a particular emphasis on how they are related, although distinct. The focus will be on ‘inclusion’ as an outcome of acknowledging diversity. The project will invite student creatives to participate through meeting this requirement in whatever forms they choose and for the submissions to be selected and curated by a group that reflects diversity and inclusion. Individual approaches, narratives and senses will be exhibited to bring the department and the 621 Gallery audiences together to celebrate and therefore strengthen our awareness and to acknowledge that we are making strides in advancing our efforts towards a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Department of Art Visiting Lecture Series 2019-2020
The Department of Art at Florida State has a history of inviting visiting artists to campus to engage with students directly, and give presentations that are open to the public. Visitors for the 2019-2020 season have been selected with inclusivity and diversity initiatives in mind, and the Department of Art as well as the College of Fine Arts are invested in bringing these voices into ongoing conversations happening within our programs.

By valuing, celebrating and leveraging the differences and similarities of our students, faculty and staff, we inspire an environment of innovation and passion – one that enables us to create a teaching, research and service environment that better reflects the needs of our students, faculty, staff, customers, constituents, communities and other key stakeholders.

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