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A Volunteer Opportunity for students at LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts

Published November 2, 2012
LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts has begun its set up for our 48th annual Holiday Show—“Enchanted.”  We have finished bringing in all of the trees and other large pieces into our galleries, and now the fun has begun! We are looking for dedicated volunteers to set up and aid in our greatest Holiday Show yet. To sign up, one can either contact, or use VolunteerSpot.
Our Holiday Show opens up on Thanksgiving, Nov 22nd, and everything needs to be in perfect shape. The show’s opening is the busiest time of year for us. This year, the three rooms of our gallery are being decorated by these themes: Narnia, The Hobbit and Fern Gulley. Artists are bringing in their (not necessarily Holiday related) artwork, yet their entry requirement is to make a minimum 6 miniature works of unique (and, once again, not necessarily Holiday related) art to be sold as ornaments. The building itself will have the cheery Holiday atmosphere, but the purpose of this show is to give people an affordable variety of art pieces to purchase. After all: why spend money on mass-manufactured, flimsy ornaments from China when you could purchase a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one?
Until the Show opens, we will be keeping regular business hours of Tuesday to Saturday (closed Monday,) 10-5, *except* for this week; we will not be working on set up this Saturday, November 3rd. Any date you can volunteer with set up between 10/31/12 and 11/21/12 will be DEEPLY appreciated!
The show opens up for LeMoyne’s members on Nov 22nd, 2012 (Thanksgiving) and to the general public the day after, Nov 23rd. Our hours will be as follows:
Opening day: We will probably do last minute setting up until the show opens at 6 PM; the show will close at 9 PM. If one wished to volunteer during the show itself, I request all volunteers come in latest at 5 to be certain our tasks are assigned and understood by all. If that is not possible, I can coordinate with you personally over phone/email.
Public Opening day: The show will be open from 10 AM til 8 PM.
After these busy days, the show’s hours will be: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 8 PM, and Sunday from 1 PM to 5 PM, closed on Mondays.
The show closes on December 30th.
ANY dates students are able to lend their time will help LeMoyne greatly. Our shows and exhibits only achieve great success with the hard work of our volunteers.
We will need volunteers as greeters, gift wrappers, and general assistance to our staff.
Of course, whether or not you can volunteer, you will love the show nonetheless! Come visit the gallery. It will be absolutely… “Enchanting!” If you have any friends who like to volunteer, need the volunteer hours, *or* simply need some Thanksgiving plans and Holiday cheer, send me their contact info and I will get in touch with them.
I thank you so much in advance for your time and effort. All of us together can make this 48th annual Holiday Show our most successful and beautiful yet! Please email the address listed below if you wish to be added to our volunteer list for this event.
Tina Equels
Volunteer Coordinator