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A new fashion organization: Diverse World Fashion (DWF) at The Florida State University

Published August 31, 2012

Diverse World Fashion is a new fashion organization founded here at The Florida State University by Emmanuel Sanchez, Maria Fernandez, and Rebecca Winship. The focus of our organization is to enhance the diversity of our student-body on campus and embrace how different cultures embody different trends and fashion movements.

Our sole purpose of Diverse World Fashion is to give the student-body an opportunity to pursue hands-on experience with different aspects of careers in the fashion industry. We plan to implement our purpose by creating a professional and creative atmosphere, which will motivate our members to better their talent and embrace those that are unknown.
We have positions that help showcase different artist, such as Graphic Designers, Photographers, Clothing Designers, Stylists, Models, and much more.
For any inquiries, interests, or information contact Diverse World Fashion at
Like us on Facebook: DWF- Diverse World Fashion at FSU