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A Culture's Silent Language: Student Work

Published March 2, 2015

FSU Art MFA ’15 Sarita Guillory’s Digital and Photographic Imagery class accomplished their first formal photographic project and it is currently on display in the Photography hallway on the 3rd floor of the Fine Arts Building.

A Culture's Silent Language: Student WorkThe class was asked to create images that communicate a culture or sub-culture’s beauty, issues, concerns, troubles, etc. (whether political, financial, emotional, psychological, crisis, etc.) through a series of diptychs that combine the human aspect in relation to the objects that are often inevitably tied to that culture or culture’s subject. The images were to communicate, relate, and/or carry a silent dialogue that can be interpreted by the viewer without much or any external information provided.
We chose one diptych from each student’s series.

NOTE: Keep your eyes open for a poster coming out soon promoting our Virtual Visiting Photographer Artist, KIM KEEVER. We will be hosting an exclusive interview with him later this semester. For more information contact: Sarita @