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Trevor Williams, FSU Career Center Summer Intern Experience

Published July 20, 2011

At the FSU Career Center many opportunities have been given to the Graphic Design Intern. With projects including the main publication redesign of the 104-page annual Career Guide edition to smaller projects such as designing individual career guides, handouts, posters, brochures, and banners to be displayed around campus as well as inside the Dunlap Career Center. In addition to gaining relevant graphic design experience, the Graphic Design Intern’s supervisor, the Career Center Prom otions and Publications Coordinator, helps with professional development by offering opportunities that include attending marketing meetings, networking, job shadowing, and potential mentorships with full-time graphic designers.

The Graphic Desi
gn Intern at the Dunlap Career Center was my first internship and it has helped me gain not only experience, but knowledge of how the inner-workings of an office and/or department work from day to day. The main component that I noticed about projects that were given to me, as the Graphic Design Intern, was that I would create a brochure, handout, or poster, and it would then be sent out to other people in the office as well as the board for the Career Center for revisions, suggestions, and approval. This process will help me in the future with other internships and jobs because I will know that once I design something, it is not finished until it gets approval from a specific person or department.
My advice for students looking to do an internship would be to be aware of emails and signs around campus that are looking for an intern. If the description is looking for a specific year in college or prior internship experience, email the person anyway and ask questions and any advice they may have for you in order to gain the experience they are looking for. In doing this it opens a new door of communication to a future employer even though you might not have the experience they are looking for now, but possibly will later on.