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4th annual SPEAR Conference 2012, Florida State University

Published February 15, 2012

Johnny Hunt, a 3rd year MFA student in FSU’s Department of Art, is presenting Friday, 2/17/12 at the annual SPEAR conference organized by the Department of Sports Medicine (or SPORT). The theme of the conference is Diversity and she will be speaking about using art as a communication tool.

The Sport Psychology Organization & Research Team (SPORT) is proud to announce the 4th annual FSU SPEAR Conference,

February 17-18, 2012. Our purpose is to promote the discussion and scientific examination of topics related to the sport sciences from a variety of perspectives. The conference brings together respected scholars, coaches, and players to contribute unique insights into the science of sports. This year’s theme is Embracing Multiculturalism and Diversity in the Arts, Sports, and Sciences. The conference will focus on various topics related to multiculturalism and diversity in various domains including sports, education, fine arts, performing arts, and cultural competence. Related topics include validity issues in translating measurement instruments and assessements across languages and cultures, multiculturalism in the arts as a means of communicating across diverse communities, and global cultural competence starting with the diverse student population at FSU. Scholars, students, professionals, athletes, musician and artists from various domains and diverse backgrounds will form a “cultural mosaic” rooted in both empirical and phenomenological knowledge.