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Ceramics in the Age of Digital Fabrication: A podcast Interview with Michael Eden

Published June 1, 2016
Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Michael Eden. Photo courtesy of Adrian Sassoon

Michael Eden. Photo courtesy of Adrian Sassoon

Recently, Ben Carter, creator of the popular podcast Tales of a Red Clay Rambler, invited FSU Art Department’s Head of Ceramics, Holly Hanessian, to be a guest host for episode #141. She took the opportunity to interview British artist Michael Eden who was in Tallahassee as a visiting artist at the Facility for Arts Research.

A former production potter with a foundation in conventional design and fabrication, Eden has become a trailblazer in integrating digital tools to expand the scope of his creative practice. In doing so he has developed great insight into the importance of integrating new technologies into the established tool sets available to an artist.

The hour-long discussion, recorded at FAR, touches on a number of issues concerning digital design and fabrication and its relationship with traditional methods of craft such as hand building and wheel throwing in Ceramics. They talk about the current disconnect (both perceived and actual) between digital and established processes, where isolation is contrasted with community involvement, mediation with haptic experience; how these chasms might not be as wide as they seem and how any real separation might be bridged in the near future.

Along the way there is also attention paid to the potential of the digital method of production to expand the power of expression and the communication of ideas and narratives via materials exploration, variability and multiplicity of output, and the inherent challenge to cultural and financial conceptions of the value of a piece of art or craftwork.

The subject matter of this interview is central to FAR’s mission to research, expand, and integrate digital and traditional design and fabrication methods to maximize the potential of artistic exploration and communication.