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Ellie Bloom (BFA '12)

Published December 4, 2012

The House By The Side of The Road

“Installation of Found Objects/Photobok”

A person’s house is a living scrapbook; opening doors is like turning pages, discovering, learning, and creating. An abandoned house then, is a person’s autobiography, the words and love between the walls lost, mysteries left undiscovered. Memories decay with warping wood and reality is cropped by broken windows. Between the four walls, if we listen, we can hear the voices of the people.  They leave clues behind for us to find and interpret. These photographs document the silent messages found in the decaying walls. I take comfort in expressing the personality of each decaying structure.  It is a journey that is taken one photograph at a time: each picture a time capsule in memory.  Time stops as I try and recreate the life that was lived, peeling away the layers showing the journey of the people who lived there.  I am acknowledging and paying homage to a life that was lived here.

There is something special about these abandoned spaces. If you really look, they share with us characteristics that appeal to our human senses and project us into a time that was once full of life.  When entering these spaces, the broken windows, rusting metal, and torn upholstery greet you as the beginning of each story.  The visitors who open their eyes, ears, and hearts are the ones who are rewarded with the tales these remnants have to tell.  I want to help awaken these senses in others and allow them to see that a classic car can tell a love story or an old house can bring a soldier back from the war.  Such history is so easily overlooked, yet so crucial to remember. I would like my work to bring these memories back. Secrets, victories, and stories can all be rediscovered, be brought back to life with a lens. The following photographs aim to do just that: share the story of Mr. Campbell and the success he had on earth as well as the messages he used to inspire those around him.