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FSU Art BA ’15 Tiffany Fuentes Interning with All Saints Cinema

Published June 19, 2015

This summer I have acquired an internship with the Tallahassee Film Society at All Saints Cinema. The Tallahassee Film Society is responsible for bringing many foreign and American independent films to the Tallahassee area. The films range in genre from comedy to drama to documentaries. The movies are played in All Saints Cinema, which is located inside an old Amtrak Station.

As their intern, I handle their Facebook page, the weekly newsletter, and their two online event calendars. For the Facebook page I make 1-2 daily posts about movies that are playing that weekend and/or movies that are coming soon. These Facebook postings are usually incorporated with videos, photos, or interesting articles that pertain to the film being spoken about. The weekly newsletter talks about films that are playing that weekend, a film or two that is coming, and/or any cultural events that are happening around the Tallahassee area. I also manage their two online calendars to make sure that all movies are scheduled in advance and that the information is up to date at all times. A challenge I face is when sudden changes occur, such as when a movie is being held over or when dates and times suddenly change and are replaced with another film. These changes have to be made promptly so that there are no issues. While I face these challenges with ease, it has taught me to adapt quickly and be ready for anything to happen.

I did not know what to expect exactly going into this, but now that I do there are certain goals that I have that I would like to achieve. My first goal is to learn the science of social media as a means of representation. I would like to start showing my photography via social media sites as a means of starting my own personal business. While I know how to use all of these websites for my own personal use, I would like to go further in depth as to how to utilize them in a more professional sense.

My second goal is to take away better marketing skills. One of the things I was first told during training was “When posting things on Facebook, think about what would make you want to come and see this movie or spread the word about”. This has been my main go to when doing the newsletters and Facebook postings. By doing different things, I can see on Facebook based on the likes as to how receptive it truly was. The concept of selling yourself is a useful skill to have.

Since I am graduating in the Fall Semester, I am planning my future (a.k.a. a job). I have found that I actually enjoy handling social media and I can take this with me anywhere I go. This will also help when I establish my very own photography business, as I am learning what gives a positive or negative reception. There is a big vast world out there and I am just going to see where I land next.