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FSU’s Presbyterian University Center (PUC) – Arts Coordinator Internship

Published December 17, 2014

Internship Class Credit & Cash Compensation

This internship fulfills 3 credit hours. This is the equivalent of approximately 15 hours of work per week.

To receive credit, discuss registration with your department and get full, written approval before the end of drop/add week. Check with your department about its credit requirements before accepting and as you work on your internship. Written records of any agreements are necessary. Keep a journal. Remember final assignments due at the end of the internship.

PUC may provide $500.00 cash compensation after the semester’s end provided the intern meets all criteria and responsibilities.

Arts Coordinator Responsibilities

The Arts Coordinator will organize and facilitate at least one art show or art-related event each semester. Shows or events may involve studio art, music, theatre, film or other creative media suitable for public interest. The Coordinator is responsible for all show or event details including plan, design and implementation, promotion, marketing and curatorship.

Arts Coordinator will:

  • Maintain a written journal or log as a transferrable record that includes dates and outcomes of meetings, contact names and information, notes, challenges and accomplishments, etc. both as and when they occur.
  • Define show’s theme with the University Minister in cooperation with PUC’s Student Cabinet and the approval of PUC’s Board of Directors.
  • Serve with PUC’s Student Cabinet ex officio, working cooperatively with Cabinet to plan, implement, assess and redirect its events and activity planning as they relate to PUC’s arts ministry.
  • Explore and define partnerships with other university and/or community organizations within the first four (4) weeks of each semester’s start.
  • Determine curatorship details regarding acceptable works, personnel, etc.
  • Draft show/event timeline for the university Minister’s review withing the first three (3) weeks of each semester’s start. Timeline must interface with PUC’s calendar and be approved prior to any further action.
  • Conduct preliminary calls to artists. This includes designing the call to artists flyer, posting it around the community and campus as well as online (Facebook, FSU art page, etc).
  • Selected and non-selected artists for shows or events requiring a curator will be notified as soon a possible after decisions about the show’s content are determined. All artists will be notified about their entry status simultaneously.
  • Market the show online, on campus and in print and otherwise as prudent.
  • Create, arrange and host opening: food and refreshments, speakers,, performances, etc.
  • Receive artwork, set up show and facilitate opening.
  • Dismantle show; return artwork.
  • Publish the internship position opening for the following semester. Use campus postings as well as FSU arts opportunity website ( Intern is responsible for orienting the new intern before his/her own semester ends.
  • Submit by the end of semester classes a complete report that includes log or journal, timeline, strengths and weakness, etc.

History, Background & Mission of PUC & Calvin’s Coffee House

The Presbyterian University Center @Westminster House (PUC) is the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s campus ministry serving Florida State University since at least 1935. Built by Florida Presbyterians in 1950, Westminster House is an historic and architecturally significant “student house” that includes spacious meeting areas and a library, kitchen, student residence and offices. PUC’s mission is to embody and offer a Christian faith community in the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition at FSU.


With a family’s generous financial donation in 2009, Calvin’s Coffee House opened as PUC’s outreach initiative in Christian hospitality. Inspired by our commitment to Jesus Christ, Calvin’s is a not-for-profit enterprise whose goal is to provide students and other guests a safe, secure, non-commercial place and space to gather, meet, study, rest, recreate, enjoy good refreshments and otherwise find life-blessing sustenance, comfort, support and encouragement.  As a extended ministry program of PUC, Calvin’s operates under the authority of PUC’s Board of Directors.


Calvin’s has enjoyed increasing success with as many as 60 guests counted daily since late 2011. While counting guests is one measure of success, such head-counts alone neither meet all of our expectations nor are they primary. Success for PUC and Calvin’s always means asking qualitative questions also: How good is our coffee, espresso and other drinks and refreshments? Do guests feel welcomed? Are they served well? Are our baristas personable, genuine and accommodating? What qualities make Calvin’s a destination? What characteristics describe Calvin’s, its ambiance or even its spirit? How helpful are we to others?


We believe that the arts embrace human spirituality in ways that inspire not only healthy Christian faith and discipleship, but that contribute to the general wellness and welfare of the human community at-large. We believe that today’s context calls for a renewal of the arts; that both FSU and society at-large will benefit from the flourishing of creative expression. Thus we seek to enhance PUC’s outreach by establishing Calvin’s and Westminster House as periodic artistic venues. Engaging practicing artists with diverse talents to create work and hosting shows or other arts-centered events with and for them is our goal.

For more information, contact Bruce Chapman, Campus Minister, at 850-222-6320 or at

Arts Coordinator Intern Packet