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(Zombie Board Game) Artist and/or Graphic Designer needed

Published November 22, 2011



My name is William Hermann (I go by Hodge). I’m currently a student at Florida State University involved in a start up project designing a board game. The board game is post apocalyptic zombie themed strategy game titled Wasteland. We have already run play tests and exhibited at Gencon this past summer in Indianapolis. We are now looking to begin full production and are searching for artists!

As a student of FSU, I figured there are likely to be a handful of students who are interested in art with themes of this nature looking for exposure, and we are eager to collaborate. We are looking for both concept and image art (from landscapes, to zombie and character images), to graphic designers to aid in template, card, and tile design.

Please feel free to contact me and we can go over the project in further detail and discuss which aspects of the design are of interest.

Thanks for your time!

– Hodge

P.S. Here are a few links related to our play tests at Gencon to give a better idea of the project:

Help work on an up and coming Zombie Board Game!

Varies. Preferably as soon as possible.