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Turtle Cove Press Seeking Illustrator for Short Graphic Novel

Published December 20, 2016

M.R. Street, a Florida State alumnus and owner of Turtle Cove Press is seeking an illustrator for a short educational graphic novel, THE HEALTH IS POWER LEAGUE IN ATTACK OF ZOMBACON. The 12-page graphic novel is appropriate for the Florida State Standards for Fifth Grade Health Education, and the author aims to integrate the work into fifth grade health classes in the state of Florida.

Turtle Cove Press has a budget of $500 to cover publication rights and the following work, for which the artist will be credited as the illustrator:

  • All illustrations and lettering, based on the complete sample that will be provided.
  • Completed storyboard within 30 days of contract.
  • First draft within 30 days of storyboard approval.
  • Full color final product (including cover), due within 60 days of first draft approval.
  • Files provided as .jpg or .png.

For further information, please contact M.R. Street at with information about how the work would fit with your previous experience and/or plans for the future.