Undergraduate Student Work

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wooden pieces put together

Landon Parkins (BFA 2014)

June 17, 2014
Artist Statement Modern American cities and urban environments are a testament to the brilliance of man. Over time, man has gained the capability to sculpt the environment i ... Continue reading »
Paper Collage hanging in front of Image of a sunset

Kristin Manson (BFA 2014)

June 16, 2014
Artist Statement Finishing school, applying for jobs and internships, figuring out how to pay bills, communicating with others, missed alarms, daily nuisances, and the gener ... Continue reading »
Textile work in a variety of colors up on a gallery wall

Fabricio Farias (BFA 2014)

June 16, 2014
Artist Statement I am interested in the unique variability that exists through repetition and the relationship that all the varied obje ... Continue reading »

Cosby Hayes (BFA 2014)

June 16, 2014
Artist Statement My work employs recognizable imagery from eras spanning centuries, woven together as a personal narrative.  I reference historical imagery from m ... Continue reading »
A collage of photographs of buildings

Amanda Hartsfield (BFA 2014)

June 16, 2014
Artist Statement The bulk of my work is very photographic in nature. I always have a camera with me and I love capturing beautiful scenes, especially on film. I shoot in predomi ... Continue reading »