FSU’s Public Art and Architectural Art Specialized Studies Program

FSU’s Public Art & Architectural Art Program is designed to explore the dynamic diversity of Public and Architectural Art as well as principles of a professional practice.  Undergraduate art students examine theoretical and practical issues in the design and execution of projects, some of which are actualized.

If you are an FSU Art major and have, or will have, completed your Foundations requirements during the same semester, you are eligible to apply.  Alternately, you can take classes selectively if you have the pre-requisites for the courses.

The following Public Art courses are open to ALL art students (no application needed):

  • ART3845, Entering the Public Sphere: How to Apply for Public Art Commissions (fall semester)
  • ART4928C, Public Art Studio I (fall semester)
  • ART4929C, Public Art Studio II (spring semester)
  • ARH3405 Contemporary Art for Public Spaces (online course), (fall and spring semester) counts as Art History credit

Interested in Applying the Specialized Study Program?

Public Art_BlueIt is recommended that students interested in completing the Public Art and Architectural Art Specialized Studies Program (but not sure yet) take BOTH Public Art I and ART3845 Entering the Public Sphere in the fall semester. If you are interested in completing the entire Specialized Studies Program in Public Art please contact Carolyn Henne at chenne@admin.fsu.edu.

What are the advantages to being in the program:

  • Paid internships are available
  • Funding to complete public artworks in the city of Tallahassee in the Public Art Studio II and the Capstone course
  • Support for summer internships available but competitive
  • Formally awarded certificate and cords upon successful completion

ARH3405 Contemporary Art for Public Spaces (Online): Offered Fall and Spring

Instructor: Amy Bowman

This undergraduate survey course will address key conceptual issues as they relate to the function(s) of public art/architectural art. Discussions will include the history, theories and models of public art, contemporary social/cultural issues associated with creating art for the public sphere, relationship to architecture/environment, and analysis of existing public art projects.

ART4928C Section 03 Public Art Studio I: Fall Only

T/R 9:05AM-11:35AM; Instructor: Kevin Curry; Prerequisites: All Foundations Courses

Recommended to take Sculpture I before or concurrently (not required).

The overall goal of this course is to provide you with the tools needed to think critically about the realm of “public” art.  This involves exploring such issues as site, location, geography, perception and practicality through research and exploration.  This course will explore the process of researching, applying for and presenting ideas related to art in the public realm.

ART3845 Entering the Public Sphere: How to Apply for Public Art Commissions (Online): Fall Only

M/W 3:40-5:00PM; Instructor: Anne Stagg; Prerequisites: All Foundations Courses

This undergraduate course provides information about the process of applying for public art commissions including in-depth information about each component of the application. Students will go through the process of designing a public art project and creating a complete proposal.  This course will provide insight into the business side of public art and the experiences of creating a proposal that will elucidate the beginning steps of creating work for the public sphere.