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Noah Brock

Published August 4, 2015

Adjunct Professor
Department of Art



Science and mathematics provide a basis to examine our physical world while art and philosophy help to explain our perception of it. Since our perception does not always match up to what science and math predict, how can we discern reality from simulation? My sculptural projects are designed to highlight this connection between what our eyes see and what is actually happening. Using the laws of physics, my sculptures accentuate the peripheral and phenomenological occurrences that happen in everyday life. These occurrences can range from seeing something in the corner of your eye to watching water run down a drain. By using art as a means to reveal these phenomena, we can connect our perception with our physical world and discover something more profound in the process.

I use recognizable materials and constructions so that my sculptures are understandable to the viewer. This allows the viewer to have a more personal connection with the artwork. This connection is what the viewer will take away from the piece and ultimately remember and incorporate into their thought process. I believe that the act of moving about and physically interacting with a sculpture lasts longer in our memories than just an image or object.

Raised by an artist (mother) and an architect (father), I was taught to see the world through different lenses — the creative and the technical. It was this combination of perspectives that pushed me to explore and develop my own view. It forced me to examine the peripheral and the strange, as well as the question, “why is that there?” or “what is the purpose of that?” Constant curiosity keeps me searching for answers that lead to new sculptures and installations. This is my way of rationalizing and de-rationalizing the world in order to better understand my presence in it.


MFA Florida State University
BS Florida State University

Teaching Areas

  • 3D Foundations
  • Digital Foundations
  • Sculpture
  • Foundry
  • Fabrication