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Student News

Nazrene Alsiro Interns at International Rescue Committee

April 24, 2019
"The internship at the International Rescue Committee taught me so much and I had the opportunity to work with the youth education team" ...

Jessie Franklin Interns Wilderness Graphics, Inc

April 24, 2019
"This Spring semester I had the opportunity to intern with Wilderness Graphics, Inc. WGI is a local company Whose primary focus is creating exhibit designs centered around cultural ...

Rodnay Brewer Interns at Master Craftsmen Studios

April 24, 2019
"After just a few months, Master Craftsmen Studios is virtually a second home for me. Oddly enough, I find myself wishing I had more time to work there instead of at the school stu ...

Conner Berg Interns as Developer for Covalent Reality

April 24, 2019
"This semester I had the opportunity to be a Developer for Covalent Reality. I was given this incredible experience by Thomas Jackson and his amazing team." ...

Naomi Yamaguchi Rambo Interns at SCAP

April 24, 2019
"Walking into SCAP (Small Craft Advisory Press), you’re surrounded by books of all forms, many of which are so elaborate they hardly look like books at all." ...